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How can we tailor a computer maintenance package, that is priced …exactly right? One way of guaranteeing that the basic maintenance is done and you don’t over pay …is by the “Service Block" arrangement. In this way you purchase a block of maintenance hours of at a reduced cost. By this method, your computers are guaranteed to be serviced and the large cost taken out of an unexpected failure. You don't pay in a block ...but by a monthly payment. This way you are certain to get the basics done ...and the nagging problems fixed.

What Is A Service Block?


A “Service Block” is a computer maintenance service agreement and is the latest concept that is being used today in the area of small business. The agreement is designed to address the problem of the lack of periodic maintenance and software security. With this arrangement your computers will get regular attention. In addition, you have someone to regularly call if you have a problem. A bit like your own part time IT department. The “Service Block” agreement will ensure that you don’t overpay for the service of your computers.


Using a malfunctioning computer furtively erodes your profits. Some of the computers I personally attend to ….are not up to date with security and never had any periodic maintenance. In fact, some of them are limping along operating in slow motion. Spam or unwanted email is another time waster …that can be addressed.


“Always-on-Internet” creates even more security problems. Broadband Internet is slowly becoming a necessity for small business. It has the advantage of time saving and cutting out line user’s charges. In addition, most system updates today come in huge files and are unmanageable for dialup modems. For example, Windows XP Service Pack 2 update ….nearly fills up an entire CD.



Twenty hours maintenance work per year on each computer is all that is required. This includes four or more service calls a year. The “Service Block” acts like an insurance policy as well as a maintenance agreement …helping you to operate a smooth running business. This agreement ensures you do not pay any more than necessary.


Triple A Computer Services (hereunder referred to as the Company) agrees to maintain your computers in normal working order subject to the conditions set out below.

  Conditions of Service

Time of service: The Company shall carry out its obligations of this agreement at normal office hours. The Company does not provide service on Sundays or public holidays. There is no service between Christmas and New Year.

Under warranty equipment: Where the equipment has a “Return to Base” warranty, it means the warranty covers the cost of parts and labor when returned to the wholesaler’s workshop. Any onsite labor would be outside the warranty.

Phone support: Some problems can be fixed on the phone. Short phone calls will not be logged but long calls will be logged as a normal service job.

The cost per computer of the agreement:The normal casual labor rate is $75 per hour. A twenty hour “Service Block” for one computer per year is $1,300.00 (20 hours at the reduced rate of $65 hour)

Travel time to your place of business:The standard time it takes to travel to your place of business is charged to the “Service Block". There is no charge if a job continues into subsequent days.

Backup of data: It is essential to be backed up before a service call …as mishaps can occur. The Company carries Public Liability insurance but anything outside the cover of this particular insurance agreement …the company is not liable.


Termination of the service agreement: Every year the agreement is reviewed. If either party wants to terminate or amend the agreement during the year …30 days notice is the best arrangement.

Extra hours that are required in addition to the “Service Block”: This will happen occasionally and you will be invoiced for the extra hours at the reduced rate of $65 within the 12 month time frame.

The maintenance routine: The maintenance routine is executed at regular 3 month intervals. For efficiency, this can be carried out on a service call of up to a month ahead of schedule.

The "Service Block" Servicing Details


1.) Cleaning and dusting the fans and internal components.

2.) Replacing any malfunctioning hardware.


3.) Recommend the best and least expensive upgrade to maximize your system.



1.) All system Internet security is up to date and configured correctly.

2.) All Microsoft service packs and updates are all properly installed.

3.) Remove temporary and unnecessary files that are cluttering your hard disk.


4.) Optimize hard disk and rearrange data if needed.


5.) Remove unnecessary programs and start-ups that are slowing your system.

6.) Remove annoying pop-ups and advertisements.

7.) Detect registry and operating system problems.


8.) Optimize your network.


9.) Find a solution for any software glitches you may have.


10.) Make sure data backups are carried out correctly.