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Services and Price List

  • Hourly Rate: $65.00 ($35.00 -minimum all other charges are charged by type of service rendered)


  • Triple A Remote Backup: Triple A Remote Backup is a secure online backup solution designed to protect your critical electronic data from permanent loss in the event of a storage device failure. Designed from the ground up to eliminate many of the shortcomings that plague conventional data backup solutions, Triple A Remote Backup launches automatically at start-up, runs in the background, and fully manages the task of protecting your valuable data. Pricing starts at $0.50 per GB of data per month

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  • Pick up and delivery: $6.00 (15 mile radius includes both trips .30 cents for each additional mile)


  • Onsite repair: (1 hr minimum charge) $65.00


  • Data recovery: recover data from a hard drive that doesn't boot price to be determined


  • Virus removal: removal of all types of viruses $49.99


  • Diagnostic: Test all of your hardware and software to get to the root of your computer problem. $39.99


  • Computer Maintenance: Clean computer-(inside and outside)replenish thermal grease etc. Diagnose and repair operating system issues, install service packs and patches, remove unnecessary files, defragment hard drive. $49.99


  • Tune up and Security: Diagnose and repair operating system issues, install service packs and patches, defragment hard drive, includes virus and spyware removal, (antivirus/spyware software not included). $79.99


  • Data backup/Transfer: one time backup of your data to an external hard drive, network attached storage, CD, DVD, or other computer destination, (destination device/drive not included). $49.99


  • Install software title: Installation of one software title, (software not included). $44.99


  • Install Operating System / System Recovery: Installation of operating system, updates and all drivers, (software not included). $89.99


  • Memory install: Installation of memory, (memory not included) $44.99


  • Hardware install: Installation of one internal/external hardware component such as video card, printer, sound card, scanner etc. $39.00


  • Hard drive install: Installation of hard drive, installation of operating system and drivers, backup and transfer of data, (hard drive not included) $119.99


  • Wireless/wired networking: setup and secure router and configure wireless pc and/or local pc, (router not included) $69.99


  • Additional devices within the same trip: $29.99


  • Add device to an existing network: Installation and configuration of one additional computer, access point, printer or other compatible device on wireless/wired network $49.99


  • Website design and build:
  • Economy Website pricing starting at $429.00

  • Economy Website includes Five pages.


    Home-About Us-Contact Us-One Photo Gallery-Services

    Domain Names $19.95 per year not included. {Free Hosting}-MAY NOT APPLY!

  • Premium Website pricing starting at $695.00.

  • Premium Website includes Ten Pages.


    Home-About Us-Contact Us-One Photo Gallery-Services-Links-Request A Qoute-Catalog-Events-Our Mission

    Domain Name and Hosting $49.99 per year-MAY NOT APPLY!

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