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  • Computer Builds - Want a specific computer? We will build your computer exactly to your specifications without trying to sell you something you don't want!


  •  Computer Maintenance - Is your computer running slower and slower everyday? Your computer just isn't as fast as it was when you first purchased it. I'm here to tell you computers are like automobiles they need to be maintained in order to function properly. They need to be tuned up on a regular basis to ensure that it is running at the capability the manufacturer suggest it would!


  • Computer Repair - Problems with your computer? We will find the problem and repair it for you in a timely fashion because we know the importance of having your computer back up and running as quickly as possible!



  • Computer Upgrades - Looking to upgrade? Your computer is not that old but you find that there are certain applications that are just too slow or some hardware or software that needs an upgrade to run properly. We will offer you the best choice and install it for the best price because keeping you happy as a client is what is important to us!



  •  Data Backup/Transfer Files - Backup entire drive or just your important files. Don't wait until it is to late!


  • Data Recovery - Recover data from a bad drive including laptop drives. (some limitations)


  • Diagnostic - Diagnose hardware and software for issues.


  • Hardware Installation - Installation of internal or external hardware, video card, printer, sound card etc.


  • Operating System Installation - Installation of operating system and drivers.


  • Security - Is your computer not behaving abnormally lately? It could very well be a virus. Security has never been more important than it is in our world today. With broadband (always on connection) you can think of the internet as one wide open network of computers. Every day new computer viruses are created to annoy us and to wreak havoc on our computer systems. You must protect your computer and your network. We will consult with you and implement the security that you need to stay protected and keep your computer and network healthy!


  • Software Title Installation -  Installation of software title.


  • Tune up - Make your computer run the way it was intended to.


  • Networking - Do you need to network your computers? File sharing and permissions are very important when implementing a Company network. Implementing the most efficient, secure and most stable network for your Company or Home Network is what can be expected with our service!


  • Virus Removal -  Removal of all types of viruses.


  • Website Building - Economy Website pricing starting at $329.00

    Economy Website includes 5 Pages.


    Home-One Photo Gallery [5 pics]-Request a Quote-FAQ-About Us

    Premium Website pricing starting at $695.00

    Premium Website includes 10 pages.


    Home-About Us-Contact Us-One Photo Gallery [10 pics]-Services-Links-Get A Qoute-FAQ-Our Mission-Blog


    Terms and Conditions apply. Please browse Terms and Conditions page.

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NEW! Remote Backup -Triple A Remote Backup is a secure online backup solution designed to protect your critical electronic data from permanent loss in the event of a storage device failure.

Business Cards - Logos - Flyers- Brochure Designing - Prices vary with the severity of the project and are to be negotiated upon approval. Prices also do not include printing or print media.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please browse Terms and Conditions page.




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