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 Triple A Remote Backup is a secure online backup solution designed to protect your critical electronic data from permanent loss in the event of a storage device failure. Designed from the ground up to eliminate many of the shortcomings that plague conventional data backup solutions, Triple A Remote Backup launches automatically at start-up, runs in the background, and fully manages the task of protecting your valuable data.

 Remote Backup Overview



Data Security

All of your data is fully encrypted and compressed before its transmission to our parent off-site servers using state of the art encryption algorithms. This process ensures your data is not compromised during transmission or storage.

Data Redundancy

Multiple Server / Multiple Site Redundancy - Your data is fully secure inside the Remote Backup Data Service's data centers, offering full server replication as well as secure off site storage.

Optimized Performance

Full Processor and Network throttling ensures that Triple A Remote Backup never interferes with you while you are using your machine. You will hardly even notice that it is running!

Automated Backups

Automated Data Backup. Through the use of automated scans of your machine, Triple A Data Backup eliminates the element of human error. Once the software has been configured, you will never need to remember to backup your data ever again.




Differential Backup Algorithms

Since no two file types are alike, Triple A Remote Backup is equipped with several different backup algorithms for maximum versatility. Triple A Remote Backup employs differential backup capabilities aimed at large, frequently updated file types, allowing only the small binary changes to the file to be transmitted to the remote archive. Imagine having to back up your entire 2Gb Outlook email archive everytime you send an email!

Local Copy

Triple A Remote Backup has the ability to keep a local copy of the most recent revision of any of your critical files. In the event of document corruption or deletion, the local copy will greatly decrease the amount of time needed to restore the most recent revision of your file from your backup archives. Coupled with automatic hard drive space reclamation, Triple A Remote Backup allows you to adjust the amount of disk space used for the local copies. All aspects are fully configurable to ensure that you are left with adaquate hard drive space for your needs.


Included with every plan

9AM - 5PM EST Monday-Wednesday, 9AM – 7PM EST

Thursday and Friday and 9AM – 1PM EST Saturday US based phone support

Storage is calculated on compressed data

Completely automatic backup

Multiple revisions

Alerts for inactivity and critical storage capacity


Available Service Plans

  • Accounting Plan                              Free plan for life! With 1 license and 2GB of storage limited to financial data backup only..(Quicken, Quickbooks and Peachtree).

  • Paid Backup Service                      Starting at $0.50 per GB (5-100GB) of storage per month. Pricing lowers with storage over 100GB. Click here for complete pricing structure. 

  • Trial                                                   30-day free trial with 10 GB of storage.                                    

Importatnt Note: Windows Operating Systems Only.